RQ Time


Control and visualize your household budget


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RQ Time is a financial program designed to work in the home and help you keep a good budget in and out of the home.

This tool stores all your financial data so you can monitor your portfolio and analyze your bills and expenses, income, and all other common financial transactions.

Thanks to the graphics, you can visualize the status of your accounts and get an overview of the balance you started with last year, as well as investment habits and consumption history.

Furthermore, this tool can help you create reports or export all your data. And, if you want, any information you enter in RQ Time can be password-protected so no one will be able to access your accounts.

This database has a very simple interface, so it won't be hard to learn how to use it. You can gradually introduce your data (such as income and expenditure) in different categories, and you'll soon be able to see how you spend and make money more clearly.
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